Launch & Grow a Successful Freight Brokerage in 60 Days.

Learn how to start, manage, and grow every aspect of your freight brokerage. In the next 60 days using proven systems from an 8-figure per year brokerage.

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Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of sales or revenue generated.  Every business will get different results based on starting experience and effort.

A Complete Roadmap to Brokerage Success

Get the complete roadmap to building a successful freight brokerage from 15 year industry veteran Luis Uribe. Learn how to set up your brokerage for success, get more shippers, competition proof your brokerage and use his advanced growth tactics to unlock growth in this $750 billion dollar industry.

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Freightskills Academy gives clear, in depth guidance into the transportation industry. I’ve gone through a few other programs, and Freightskills makes the most sense. It’s great getting training from someone who’s actually still in the industry.


"I took a course through the local community college and paid a lot for it and didn't learn nearly half as I have here. I'm so happy I found you Luis Uribe."

Christina S.


"Luis Uribe your videos help me a lot. I'm surprised your class was so cheap I wish it was the first one I found."

Onyedikachukwu O.


"I did a freight broker training back in October. The training was good but antiquated. I wish I had come across you before then. That training cost me a lot more money. LOL!"

Anthony O.


I Would Recommend this program hands down...

I really enjoyed everything about the Freight Skills online course. This course is a wonderful way to learn about the freight broker industry. The material was like no other out there. It provided a great deal of information to truly help a new company like myself, but also enough meat to assist older companies. Luis provided a complete picture to the brokerage puzzle. The order of the course really is well thought out. His teaching method is so easy to understand. You can tell that Luis loves the industry. The audio quality was excellent, and the course dollar value was great. I would recommend this program hands down. Thank you for putting all this together for us. I appreciate your time.

Diane P // Freight Broker

You can't find this info with a Google search...

I simply cannot find the words to describe my absolute and unequivocal satisfaction with this program. I’ve spent several thousand dollars on in-class and web-based trainings, none of which answered directly the questions that I had as a novice in this industry.

I found Luis’ YouTube video on cold calling and sensed that he was hitting the target more directly than other programs which only addressed issues of motivation and superficial information that can be found with a simple google search.

Luis goes in-depth on each topic separately and provides real examples with tangible scripts, handouts and structure addressing each conceptual topic clearly and concisely. His program costs a fraction of what the marked “brokerage class” costs, yet provides hundreds of times greater value and information to the end user.

He offers membership to an exclusive group and personally answers all questions and emails, serving as an individual, tailored mentor to his students. Simply impressive!

Anna R. // Freight Broker

Snapshot Dispatch

I am used to find all kinds of scammers on Internet, so I did a thorow research. Luis looked most serious with his FreightSkills training.

And I wasn't wrong. Training is detailed and well structured, price is really fair and affordable, but above all, he answers any begginers questions literally in 15 minutes. All other trainings that I found just talk about selling, but Luis actuallu tought me what I am selling.

He keeps me motivated to keep pushing.

Ari. H.

I must provide a review for Freight Skills. I have taken one other course besides Luis course and I must say his content is VERY DETAILED and WORTH every DOLLAR spent. It’s a self guided class but it feels like in person training. He answers every question you can think of in his course and also provides a mentoring group to assist with questions or uncertainties you may have. This is the best course yet that I have experienced. It’s a course I would recommend to anyone wanting to be a freight broker/ agent

Janice A.

The Freight Skills online course is very helpful, straightforward, and in-depth about the freight industry. It gave me a realistic view as to how the current market works and how shippers think, which makes it easier to understand why it is harder nowadays to book loads when you are new and follow the same methods as everyone else. I also found Luis relatable because he shared many insights based on his personal experiences as well as the experiences of his team. The price is reasonable and fair. The videos are well-edited and packed with digestible information, along with learning materials you can download (which helps with note-taking). Overall, I highly recommend others to try this course as it stood out from all the other online courses and videos that I've encountered so far.

Logistics is a 70 billion dollar per year industry and the opportunity to grow a freight brokerage is greater than ever.

Logistics is without one of the hottest opportunities in the modern economy. The upside potential is huge.

It is a recession proof industry with no signs of slowing down, doesn’t require any formal education and more.  

But there are some drawbacks too. Like high competition, high start-up costs, and the fact that it is a highly regulated by the government.

That’s why we put together the full roadmap to starting and building a successful freight brokerage and navigate these issues.

Once a freight broker starts getting regular freight, the benefits of being in this business far outweigh the challenges.

  1. Yes is it is a competitive industry but: There are ways to specialize in less competitive freight niches that have higher profit margins.
  2. Yes it is highly regulated: That’s true for a lot of industries, But once you set up easy to follow systems in your brokerage following the rules is as effortless as breathing.
  3. Yes it’s hard to find shippers at first- but we already cracked the code to finding profitable shippers without making 100’s of cold calls daily.

learn modern strategies

Having a successful freight brokerage means you don’t have a boss and you have unlimited income opportunity

Over the last few years, as more people are waking up to the freight broker opportunity, the competition has been getting harder.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it is harder for you to make it in this industry, as long as you have the right tools. Where most Broker’s choose to suffer in silence and “learn from experience” the slow way.  You have the opportunity now, to learn modern strategies from a real freight broker who does this on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, the majority of freight broker’s who start won’t make more than $10,000 over the lifetime of the brokerage.  That is the result of learning by trial and error.

Luis and his team have already done the trial and error for you, and the result is a complete plug and play, step by step system that you can copy and paste into your brokerage for positive results for you and your team.

Course Outline

7 Modules and a growing course library of over 30 videos.  You’ll learn how to start or scale a freight brokerage of any size.  Whether you are starting as a solo broker or you already run a brokerage with the goal of growing.

Each module mixes how to videos, concepts and stories from real brokering experiences to give you a full high level perspective on how to manage your business…even if you don’t have one set up yet.

Module 1: Licensing, Insurance and Securing a Funding source

Module Details:

  • Understanding licensing and regulations
  • Insurance for Freight Brokers
  • Start up funding & factoring
  • Factoring contract audit

Module 2: Shipping Mode Mastery

Module Details:

  • Freight mode deep dive to maximize revenue
  • Understanding dry van freight
  • Expand your services with LTL
  • Introduction to Flatbed freight
  • Container and intermodal freight deep dive
  • Understanding Hazmat shipping

Module 3: Freight Broker Operations Set Up and Foundations

Module Details:

  • Freight Broker tools to run like a pro
  • Shipping document deep dive
  • Co-brokering and double brokering explained

Module 4: Gain Shippers with Confidence

Module Details:

  • Introduction to our shipper philosophy
  • Optimize your online image with Linkedin
  • Prospecting with Our #1 Lead Source no one else is 
  • Prospecting with your tools
  • Cold outreach strategies for more responsive shippers
  • Sales script deep dive & objection proof your pitch
  • Art of the follow up
  • Working with the government

Module 5: Grow Your Carrier Network

Module Details:

  • Understanding broker Credit
  • Carrier qualification and onboarding
  • Using loadboards to grow your carrier network

Module 6: Department Training and SOP’s

Module Details:

  • Accounting SOP
  • Dispatching SOP
  • How to Rate your shipments like a Pro

Module 7: Using Agents to Grow Your Brokerage

Module Details:

  • The Ultimate guide to growing with agents.

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Private Brokerage Community Access

You get access to our exclusive private community where you can have your questions answered LIVE by Luis and other freight broker professionals.

Done for you Scripts and Templates

Have you ever worked with a lawyer?  Yea…they’re expensive.  Fortunately, Luis already has and has put all of the contracts and agreements from day to day operations into this program for you to swipe and customize for your own business.

Monthly Q and A Calls

Each month we'll jump on a group Q and A where all of the students wil be able to ask questions and learn from each other.  This call will be led by Luis and his partner and we will do a combination of sharing valuable insights, lessons based on our experience and help you through any challenges you have.

Member Wins from the Freightskills Academy.  Here's how we support our members...

Our strategies help jumpstart shipper outreach...

We help our students secure freight bookings:

Our students land publicly traded accounts with our strategies

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Step by Step Premium Training

Freight Skills Academy combines over 30 hours of premium training with step by step tutorials, SOP’s, and brand new shipper acquisition strategies to give you a clear path to freight brokering success.

  • 34 Total Videos (More added every month)
  • Discounts to Broker Tools
  • Profitable Niche Guide
  • Drayage guide
  • Flatbed Guide
  • Hazmat guide
  • Shipper sales script
  • Shipper prospecting
  • Shipper agreement
  • Follow up system
  • Carrier Negotiation Guide
  • Broker carrier agreement
  • Department SOP’s
  • Load booking checklist
  • Agent Hiring guidelines
  • Agent 1099 agreement
  • Quoting templates and how to
  • Virtual Assistant hiring guide

You Also get free course updates as long as you are a member, including updated content, continued education, walkthroughs, bonus videos, resources, and more.  Everything you need to be a freight broker in a single platform.

Meet Your Instructor

Luis Uribe

First and foremost, Luis’ passion is logistics and more recently, helping freight broker’s break through barriers in their business to achieve time and financial freedom.

Luis is a 15 year veteran of the freight brokerage industry. After taking over a family run brokerage after one decade Luis' has extensive experience in all aspects of brokering including operations, sales, team growth & management and more.

Luis started Freight Broker Mentor after noticing a pattern of old information circulating the freight broker community and has made it his mission to help 100,000 freight brokers reach profitability. Freight Broker Mentor's goal is to make brokerage education accessible to as many people as possible while maintaining quality and relevance with method's that work today in the modern age.


  • Get more shippers in the next 90 days than you’ve gotten all year.
  • Start your brokerage from scratch, even if you don’t have an MC number yet (or don’t even know what that is)
  • Diversify your revenue by expanding into untapped freight modes…ignored by most other brokers
  • Capitalize on shipper’s that 90% of the industry don’t even realize exist
  • 7 modules with over 30 highly tactical videos for easy implementation.  Each video comes with “action items” to make sure you are progressing.
  • 30 day, money-back guarantee
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