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This in-depth email mini-class will cover the top 10 questions you
should be asking as a startup freight broker.

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How Does It Work?

Just click any of the buttons on this page, enter your information and you will automatically be enrolled in the free mini-course.  Over the next 7 days you will receive emails covering a specific lesson that you will need on your journey to becoming a profitable freight broker. The course includes videos and other useful resources that will save you time and money as you progress.

The emails are automatic, and you MUST read each email and go through the lesson in order to advance to the next topic.

Here's What You'll Learn  

  • [Lesson 1] How do I find Shipper Customers?
  • [Lesson 2] All About Customer Outreach and Follow Up
  • [Lesson 3] Overcoming Objections
  • [Lesson 4] How do I get Carriers To Work With me?
  • [Lesson 5] Working with quality carriers
  • [Lesson 6] All about Claims
  • [Lesson 7] All about carrier and Shipper Agreements

In This 7 Day Mini-Class We Will Show You How to
Break through your plateau's and fast track
your way to profitability as a Freight Broker or Agent.


Your host Luis Uribe

Luis (Your Host) is a 15 year veteran of the freight brokerage industry. After taking over a family run brokerage after one decade Luis' has extensive experience in all aspects of brokering including operations, sales, team growth & management and more.  

Luis started Freightskills to bring modern age tactics, methods and systems to the world of freight brokering and help usher in the new era of brokers.  Freightskills mission is to help 100,000 brokers and carriers run their logistics businesses as full time income producing companies.   Freightskills goal will always be to make brokerage education accessible to as many people as possible while maintaining quality and relevance with method's that work today in the modern age.

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